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The main purpose of all our groups is to provide a safe space for everyone to have fun and participate in the activities organised, while at the same time allowing them the freedom to take the breaks they need and feel comfortable in their environment. 


It is mandatory to complete registration before joining any of the Club groups. As we are a fully volunteer-run club, a condition of membership is parental involvement in the club in whatever contribution works for your family.

Please see our ‘VOLUNTEER’ page for more details.

Teen members of the A-Team displaying the masks they made at the club


Membership applications are processed once a month and your group leader will contact you to let you know when a space will be free for your child. Some groups have a waiting list due to demand and the capacity of our volunteers and our premises.

On the 'Group' page you will find a description of each group that we organise, the age range and the activities that have been organised to date. Groups are loosely based on age and school stage but there is flexibility for members to join the group that will benefit them most.

Becoming a member of our youth club is easy.

For individuals aged 18 and over, please complete our online membership form found here:

For all other groups, please fill out the form found here:

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